Volkswagen Brake Repairs and Maintenance


Although thousands of different parts and components make up your vehicle, none of those parts is more important than your brakes. Your brakes not only keep you safe and allow you to drive confidently, they keep others on the road safe. Here at Sunnyvale Volkswagen, we want to remind you of the importance of properly working and maintained brakes to ensure that you're enjoying the peak performance of your VW vehicle day after day. If your brakes are currently not performing correctly or you hear noises when you apply them, we want to invite you to schedule a service appointment online and join us in our service center today!


Signs That It's Time For A Brake Change

  • Listen: One of the easiest ways for you to tell whether your brakes are in need of maintenance or repairs is to listen for noises. Worn down brake pads will often make a high pitched screeching noise because the pads are worn out resulting on metal on metal friction.
  • Grinding or Vibrating: If you hear a grinding noise or feel vibrating when you apply the brakes, it likely has to do with your calipers. A Grinding noise occurs the disc and the calipers are rubbing together, which can end up scratching and damaging your rotors. Vibrating happens when your rotors get warped and can only be detected when applying the brakes.
  • Decreased Effectiveness: If it's taking your vehicle longer to stop than before or your you have to apply more pressure to the brake pedal than before to get it to respond, it's an indication that the brake line is leaking.
  • Pull to One Side: If when you apply the brakes your vehicle pulls to one side of the road, it's an indication that the brake lines are unevenly wearing.

Schedule a Brake Servicing Appointment Today!

If your Volkswagen vehicle is currently experiencing any of the signs listed above, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment online and have it taken care of as soon as possible! Whatever the problem is, our team of factory trained Volkswagen technicians can diagnose and fix any issue in the quickest and most convenient manner possible. From Volkswagen maintenance to genuine parts to body shop work, we can take care of any issue and get your vehicle back to you in like new condition in no time! Our dealership is conveniently located in Sunnyvale, CA and we proudly serve nearby San Jose, Santa Clara and Palo Alto!

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