Purchasing a Vehicle for Use Outside California at Sunnyvale Volkswagen

There are times you may find your ideal car at Sunnyvale Volkswagen near Palo Alto, CA, from another state. Even if you live across the street from your local dealer and the street acts as a state border, it's still classified as an out-of-state purchase. Understanding everything involved in an out-of-state vehicle purchase will make your decision easier and could save you money and headaches.

Can You Purchase an Out-of-State Car?

Yes, in most cases, purchasing a car in another state is possible, but there's more involved compared to buying locally. Vehicle registration, sales tax, and emissions laws vary by state. Depending on the state you'll be registering and using the car, it may be necessary to file additional paperwork to stay above board in your home state.

What to Know Before Buying a Vehicle at Sunnyvale Volkswagen from Another State

Insurance is necessary before you take any car on the road, always make sure you and the car have insurance coverage. Even the shortest drives experience accidents, theft, or debris on the road that causes damage. Confirm you have proof of insurance on you before you finalize your purchase.

Registration for a new vehicle is usually be handled at your local dealership or the closest DMV. However, if you buy your car from an out-of-state dealership, verify your state's laws and what you need to file before finalizing your purchase.

Typically, a temporary registration is necessary for any car to legally travel on local and state highways. Customers who purchase a vehicle for out-of-state use will receive a one-time registration exemption voucher to avoid additional costs, but understand that most states require registration to occur within one- to-two-weeks of the purchase date.

Emissions regulations in California are much stricter compared to states that don't follow California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. That means a vehicle from our dealership will already produce lower emissions.

Sales Tax on a vehicle purchased at our dealership is based on Sunnyvale rates, so it's important to know you'll owe in advance so you can budget for it.

Delivery of out-of-state vehicle purchases allows you to drive the car home yourself or arrange to have it shipped. Our sales staff can connect you with a reputable transportation company that charges a nominal fee to conveniently transport the car without putting extra miles on the engine.

After you've researched what paperwork, taxes, and fees you need to pay, browse our dealership's available inventory to find your ideal model. Submit a financing application online and learn about your financing options in case you plan to purchase and have the car shipped to you near San Jose or Santa Clara, CA.