Volkswagen Battery Maintenance and Replacement


When it comes to your vehicle's battery, it can be hard to determine when the right time to have it changed is. Many factors go into your battery's health and lifespan, including temperature, time and wear, and here in California, all of those factors can be heightened by the type of driving that we do. If you've ever experienced a dead battery, then you know how frustrating it can be. From having an old battery that's ready for a replacement to leaving a light in your car on all night, many factors can contribute to the health and strength of your battery, which is why we're going to investigate the issue and remind you that you can have your battery changed within our service center or find the correct Volkswagen replacement battery to equip yourself within our parts center at Sunnyvale Volkswagen today!


How Does Your Battery Lose Charge?

Your vehicle's battery, like all batteries, has a finite lifespan and it's only a matter of time until it can no longer deliver enough power to start your engine. Here in California, heat can play a large factor in battery life. Heat causes the chemical reaction that allows your battery to make electricity, but it also causes your battery to degenerate quicker. Your driving patterns can also affect your battery's usefulness. If you leave your vehicle sitting for long periods of time or only drive short distances every day, it doesn't allow your battery enough time to fully charge. Also, if you're driving on bumpy roads or rugged terrain, it can cause vibrations that cause your battery to breakdown.


Signs That It's Time For A Battery Change

There are some obvious signs to look out for that indicate it's time to have your battery changed. If your motor cranks or putters when you hit the ignition, it's a sure sign that your battery isn't producing enough electricity for ignition. Another sign is if your lights are dim when you enter your vehicle, as it can be a result of poor battery power. Of course, if your battery fails to start after being stationary too long or doesn't hold a charge after you jump start it, it's also a sure sign that it's time for another battery.


Get A New Volkswagen Replacement Battery at Sunnyvale Volkswagen Today!

If you feel that it's time for a battery replacement on your Volkswagen vehicle or you're unsure, we welcome you to schedule an appointment online or drop by our service center today! Our factory trained technicians can run a battery diagnostic to determine your battery's charge and either charge it or have it changed for you in no time! When the time comes that you need any other sort of Volkswagen service, Volkswagen parts or body work performed on your vehicle, you can have it all taken care of at Sunnyvale Volkswagen today! We're located in Sunnyvale, CA and proudly serve nearby San Jose, Santa Clara and Palo Alto!


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