California Clean Fuel Rewards & Grants

The California Clean Fuel Reward & Grants

Forward-thinking drivers know the environmental impact that having a zero-emissions vehicle can have. They should also know that there are state-offered benefits for those owning and operating a hybrid or electric car in the state of California.

The California Clean Fuel Reward offers drivers a reward of up to $750 off the purchase or lease of an eligible new Battery Electric or Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle. All you have to do is visit a participating dealership like ours, start the process of buying an electric vehicle like the Volkswagen ID.4, and you'll be able to use the reward towards your purchase.

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program was created to provide grants and affordable financing opportunities to qualified California drivers purchasing or leasing new hybrid or electric vehicles. This grant even offers up to $2,000 worth of support with the installation of a home-charging device.

These benefits and grants are supported through the California Air Resources Board and the Beneficial State Foundation.

Why Buy an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle?

On top of the financial benefits with both the California Clean Fuel Reward and Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, there are several other reasons that drivers may want to get behind the wheel of an electric or hybrid vehicle!

When you go electric or hybrid, you'll notice that you're spending less on gas than you would with a traditional vehicle. On top of saving on fuel costs, you'll also be driving an eco-friendly vehicle that's helping combat emissions and climate change.