Here at Sunnyvale Volkswagen, we know you're proud of your Volkswagen and want to take great care of it. That means scheduling routine maintenance appointments for things like oil changes, brake inspections and tire rotations. While it can get difficult to keep up with these tasks due to the hectic pace of modern life, we encourage you to take time to visit our trusted service center at Sunnyvale Volkswagen.


One of the most important reasons to stay up to date on regular service appointments is for the safety of you, your passengers and other motorists out on the roads of Palo Alto, CA. Skipping maintenance tasks can lead to big trouble. For instance, driving on balding or improperly inflated tires can lead to an accident. As can poorly functioning brakes.


You want your vehicle to last as long as possible without requiring any major repairs. That means taking care of it as recommended in your user manual. Things like regular oil changes, filter replacement and battery maintenance will increase your Volkswagen's longevity.


Whether you're driving around San Jose, CA or taking a long road trip, you want your vehicle to run smoothly. Regular service of things like spark plug changes, steering alignment and tire pressure maintenance will ensure everything performs as it should with no knocks, pings, loud noises or pulling to the side.

Are you ready to schedule your next Volkswagen service appointment in Sunnyvale, CA? If so, don't hesitate to visit our website or give us a call. We make it our business to help Santa Clara, CA residents keep up with routine maintenance to ensure their investment lasts for years to come. We look forward to seeing you soon at Sunnyvale Volkswagen!

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