While there are several enticing SUVs on the market right now, there's one that stands tall above the competition, the new Volkswagen Tiguan. This stunning new Volkswagen SUV in Sunnyvale, CA, comes with tons of advanced tech features and performs at the high levels you need for any upcoming adventures you have planned.

There's no doubt that the new Volkswagen Tiguan is highly alluring. Although, Sunnyvale Volkswagen acknowledges that there may be other models you're considering. To help you narrow down your options, we have compiled comparisons between the new Tiguan and other top rivals, like the Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester, and Ford Escape.

First, let's look at the Volkswagen Tiguan versus the Toyota RAV4. Each model is fun to drive around Santa Clara, CA, but there's a vital difference you'll want to keep in mind. If you prefer the added confidence of all-wheel drive, it won't cost you much to upgrade the new Tiguan with this drivetrain. By comparison, it costs quite a bit more to add this drivetrain to the new RAV4.

Another popular rivalry is the new Volkswagen Tiguan versus the Subaru Forster. The new Forester has many appealing attributes, but it still falls short compared to the Tiguan, especially when looking at each models' powertrain. Propelling the Tiguan around San Jose, CA, is an enthusiastic 184-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Powering the Subaru SUV is a less-energetic four-cylinder engine that generates less horsepower.

We also compare the new Volkswagen Tiguan versus the Ford Escape. This Ford SUV also has several strong suits, but when it comes to technology inside the cabin, it lacks. The new Tiguan has many more standard tech features, like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, each of which adds convenience to your drives around Palo Alto, CA.

To learn more about how the new Volkswagen Tiguan beats out the competition, visit Sunnyvale Volkswagen today and talk with one of our friendly automotive professionals.

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