Whenever a new SUV is released by Volkswagen there is always great excitement in our showroom and the latest incarnation of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is certainly a car to be enjoyed. The VW Atlas Cross Sport gives you all the power and performance you need at the times you need it most. Not only is there a choice of two engines, but here at Sunnyvale Volkswagen, we have been excited about the different options in driving modes that are available to you to keep you safe at all times.

Choosing the Best Engine for your Needs

When you are looking for a new SUV, one of the questions you should ask is which model gives me the power and performance I need? The Volkswagen Atlas Sport makes it easy for you to get around Sunnyvale with ease when you choose the fuel-efficient 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine option that provides up to 235-horsepower. A second option you could take is perfect for those of you who are looking for fuel-efficiency and more power and performance. Taking the chance to enjoy the 3.6-liter V6 engine means you should have the power you need with up to 276-horsepower available to you.

Choose from Four Drive Modes

No matter if you spend your time in Sunnyvale or look to enjoy time on the road, the Volkswagen Atlas Sport is built for adventures. One of the main reasons why we enjoy the VW Atlas Cross Sport is the available four drive modes that give you the chance to enjoy the most comfortable and safest drive available. The on-road mode is designed for paved roads in good conditions with the off-road mode giving you added traction on even the most dangerous and slippery unpaved parts of the world. If you are wanting to head even further off-road, the custom off-road experience is available that allows you to set your steering and suspension limits. Finally, snow mode makes driving in wintry conditions easier by making sure the power moving from the engine to wheels is not delivered too quickly to lower the chances of skidding.

Want to learn more about the new VW Atlas Cross Sport and find out when you can drive one here at Sunnyvale Volkswagen? Get in touch with us today and we'll get to scheduling your test drive.

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