If you're looking to get a new Volkswagen car or SUV, you'll love our lease deals. With a Volkswagen lease, you'll have the freedom to get a new vehicle more often. You'll have the best in comfort, convenience, safety, and technology, that VW has to offer. We have an extensive inventory to choose from, and with these deals, you'll want to secure your lease with Sunnyvale Volkswagen before the year is over!

How Does a VW Lease Work?

When you lease a Volkswagen from Sunnyvale Volkswagen, you agree to the terms of the lease agreement that specifies the conditions as a lessee, and the obligations that we have as the lessor. You'll have exclusive use of your VW during the specified period that typically lasts between two and three years. After the lease, you'll either choose a new Volkswagen vehicle or end the lease altogether.

If you happen to love the model that you have, you're able to purchase the Volkswagen at a predetermined price with cash or an auto loan. This is also a solution for those who've exceeded mileage or reasonable wear and tear requirements and want to avoid any incidental charges. Occasionally, an extension of the lease can be granted with new contract provisions.

Additional Benefits of a VW Lease

Leasing a Volkswagen is also a good choice for those that would like a smaller down payment and lower monthly payments. You'll enjoy many of the same benefits of owning with less money out-of-pocket to enjoy the vehicle. Leasing options are best suited for customers with a strong credit history.

Lease Your New Volkswagen With Sunnyvale Volkswagen

To find a great deal on a new Volkswagen lease, we encourage you to visit our dealership. We'll find the perfect model and lease to suit your needs. With our current specials, you can save a bundle, and you'll drive home in the Volkswagen that you've been wanting. Get in touch with our representatives by telephone, or stop by our dealership in Sunnyvale, for a great deal on a new Volkswagen car or SUV, today.

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